The following topics are available for presentation. All are subject to necessary modification to meet your specific audience and geographic requirements.

In Search of Hotel Excellence

175-200 visuals; approximately 60 minutes (50-55 minutes plus Q&A)
What makes a great hotel with several examples real world of excellence

Hotel-OTA Relationship
110 -125 visuals; approximately 40 minutes (35 minutes plus Q&A)
Understanding how to move business from OTAs to

An Optimistic Approach to the Age of the Sharing Economy
155 visuals; approximately 40 minutes (35 minutes plus Q&A)
Identifying the essential steps hotels must take to protect themselves from the impact of Airbnb and other sharing economy products

Guest Service: Technology’s Final Frontier
50-60 visuals, approximately 20 minutes (15 minutes plus Q&A)
Addresses technology requirements for hotels in today’s marketplace

Technology for Your Housekeeping Department
50-60 visuals, approximately 20 minutes (15 minutes plus Q&A)
Addresses technology designed specifically for the housekeeping department 

Ten Innovations You Can Use Today
100-110 visuals, approximately 45 minutes (35 minutes plus Q&A)
Ideas for hoteliers to use to improve their business

And the Future Is….
50-60 visuals, approximately 25 minutes plus Q&A
Introduces the TEAM Concept: Technology, Experiences, Authenticity, Mobile. Ideal to close an event

Tactical Magic for Group Sales
75-80 visuals, approximately 30 minutes plus Q&A
How to build hotel group sales campaigns and execute them for maximum impact

A presentation can be built specifically for your needs and target audience.