larry mogelonskyLarry Mogelonsky, MBA, P. Eng.

Larry Mogelonsky earned an Honors Bachelor of Engineering degree from Concordia University in Montreal, Quebec followed by a Masters of Business Administration from McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario. He holds a Professional Engineering accreditation in the provinces of Ontario and Quebec. Working for several years as a civil engineer, seven years at Procter & Gamble with five as a brand manager and a year at Pepsico for the Frito Lay division, he was ready for a change.

Larry next moved to the service-side of the business world, spending several years at Bozell Canada which, at the time, was considered to be among the world’s top ten advertising agencies. During this tenure as a managing director, he created the agency’s hospitality and travel division which held as clients Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts, Howard Johnson’s, and American Airlines. It was the era of giant agency mergers, though, so Larry then made the decision to hang his own shingle, founding LMA Communications Inc. in January 1991.

His new agency had a single-minded goal – to apply the strategic marketing principals that he had learned to the hospitality industry. He never thought of it as a ’Toronto’ agency, as to do so would limit both creativity and opportunity. Rather, the mantra was to be Canada’s hotel communications agency for the world. At the time, however, that line of thinking was far from traditional as the communications industry was all regionally biased. While other similar firms strived to perfect their execution, LMA looked to holistically refine communications objectives and sales propositions.

LMA’s first hotel client was Preferred Hotels & Resorts. Over the four years working with them, LMA moved from the traditional agency relationship to become a true business partner, managing their entire long-term strategic plan. As part of this assignment, Larry was given the responsibility of meeting at least half of the property owners over a six-month period. This not only meant traveling across the world, but also gaining a real understanding of the fundamentals of hospitality.

Several years later, Larry once again took up a strategic leadership position, this time with Adventure Collection. With sales of over one-quarter billion dollars and 4,000 employees, his role as executive director was to encourage worldwide travel and ecofriendly best practices. This role saw him as spokesperson at conferences including the New York Travel Show, IATOS in Chicago, World Travel Market in London and ITB Berlin.

More recently, while still retaining the role of chairman emeritus at LMA, Larry and his son, Adam, jointly founded Hotel Mogel Consulting Limited. The genesis for their new company was to help hotel developers, owners and operators understand the best way for their properties to survive and prosper in this tumultuous period of technological disruption.

Presenting concepts, objectives, strategies and executions as unique elements is often a hard sell because nowadays we measure everything, often for the sake of reaching some esoteric ‘deliverable’ metric. While we applaud this objective-setting trend, often this approach foregoes strategic considerations, and this is where Hotel Mogel comes in. Of course, we like to measure results too, but we focus on what truly counts. Along these lines, a specialty of the consultancy has been in pioneering the need for technological advances in the service and association sector by producing web strategies and comprehensive implementation programs.

Larry, together with Adam as editor and researcher, write multiple syndicated columns for seven hospitality industry based publications every week with roughly 150 articles posted annually (950+ in total) and 175,000 readers. Larry has also published four books on hospitality management and marketing. As a much sought-after speaker at conferences worldwide, Larry has presented in Toronto, Sydney, Berlin, Florence, Kiev, Barcelona, Madrid, Lisbon, London, Tokyo and more than two dozen US venues, always with the overall goal of helping hoteliers understand current market challenges and adapt accordingly. As well, Larry has been recognized by HSMAI (Hotel Sales and Marketing Association International) as one of the Top 25 Minds in Hospitality, one of only three Canadians to hold this distinction.

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