New Tech & Traveler Trends by MicroMetrics

Larry was quoted in a newly published report by MicroMetrics on new traveler and hospitality technology. Download and read the full PDF here, which Larry’s quote appearing on page 20 and also reproduced below:

Consumers nowadays are smarter than ever before; they know where to find the best deals; they’re wise to all of our tricks; and frankly they’re just bored by what we’re trying to sell them. They yearn for excitement, for fun, for culture, for new insights, for something fresh, and for something worth talking about with their friends, whether that conservation is in-person or online. Established hotel brands all over the world are failing to elicit a positive emotional response from guests in these ways and more, so they’re looking elsewhere. To stem this bleeding, I always fall back on the mantra that when you try to do everything good, you will never be great at any single task. My advice is to first narrow your focus to find what makes your brand truly special, and then amplify those select few qualities while also using them as an engine for your marketing efforts